Real life escape game in phnom Penh


How escape rooms work

ESCAPE60 is a real life escape game. What does it mean:

You will be locked in a room, get immersed in a mysterious experience in which you should reveal the enigma, uncover the secrets and solve challenging puzzles following the clues in order to get out… in only 60 minutes!

Will you escape?


At least 24h in advance

Turn Up

15 minutes before

Get locked in

For 60 minutes


Find clues & solve puzzles


& celebrate


Rooms. Choose your adventure

We offer you two different adventures acclimated in different situations and ages in which your team will play an important role.

You will have to test different skills, working together and challenge your mind.

Night City


In Night City Prison some strange disappearances are happening but nobody seems interested to solve this mystery.
So a group of brave investigators (your team) will infiltrate undercover in this scary prison to find out the truth.
There you will face a curious group of guards and the most dangerous prisoners.
You never know what could happen there... will you dare to enter the Night City Prison?

2 – 5 players


Level: Expert

The Shelter

Private investigator

Go back in time to nineteenth-century London.
One of your fellow investigators have disappeared. A mystery that none of the boldest investigators have been able to solve.
You will have to search his office and follow the clues to find out what happened to your partner, solve the case in which he worked, uncover strange cults and find valuable stolen objects…. and only 60 minutes to do it!

2 – 5 players


Level: Medium


About Escape60

ESCAPE60 wants to make you enjoy more your leisure time or take advantage of your visit to Phnom Penh for both individuals and companies.


Come and celebrate birthdays, farewell parties or just enjoy your free time with your friends in a different way!


Escape60 is a good activity to build strong relationships and create complicity among your employees or co-workers through the team work.


Do you want to have your own Escape Room?

In ESCAPE60 are experts in the construction, conceptualization and implementation of Escape rooms around the world.

Get in touch with us and we will create something special for you!



no photos during the exit game

Photos and Video

Taking photos, videos, or recording of any kind during the game is prohibited.

All escape rooms are under video and audio surveillance


All rooms are under video and audio surveillance to assist players and prevent damage.

arrive 15 minutes before your room escape game

Time is gold

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled starting time for a short pregame briefing. The game may start 5 minutes after the scheduled start time at the latest. If players are not present or are not ready to start the game at this time the booking will be declined.

Strength is not needed for any of the games


Strength is not needed for any of the games. Use your head, not your muscles.
Any damages caused to the play area are to be reimbursed.
Do not touch the cameras. Do not touch objects marked with a “Do not touch” sign.

don’t bring any personal items into the room

Personal items

Please don’t bring any personal items into the room (purses, backpacks, etc.). Cell phones will be placed on silent, put in a box and locked in your room with you. Everything you need to escape is in the room.

do not spoil the game

Top Secret

Please do not spoil the game for others by disclosing clues, solutions and hints after the game. Remember that other players have may not escaped yet! Tell others how much fun you had, but allow them the same experience you received.

It's easy to get in, but will you escape?... Depends on you



We’re open daily from 9am till 8pm.

FREE on-site parking.

+855 98 481 210

9C, street 147,
Toul Tum Poung (Russian market),
Phnom Penh


Book your escape game

By filling up the form bellow. Please note: you don’t need to use a credit card to confirm your reservation.


If you like you could make your appoitment through email:

 or by telephone: +855 98 481 210

If you need a specific time that does not match our schedule we will try to adapt ourselves to you.

Ask for availability!